hello my name is Cameron and I'm 13 I'm from England .  when i was in primary school i used to get bullied  and I hated it it will put me off of going to school thats when I thought I was the only one but I wasn't some of my friends are also getting bullied. I just didn't like it( well who does) . Here is some advice on how to stay happy 1.always keep a smile on your face 2. Ignore those horrible people 3. Always tell someome I know you might not want to say anything but when I talk to my mum about it I feel better and then they will sort out.Dont change the way you are just because other people dont like it remeber they are just jealous but your friends wouldnt like it if you change and bullys just want attetion just let them fail in life xxx sorry if its a bit rude but  its true xxxx have a great day xxx❤